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The Alatri Christ in the Labyrinth Fresco Restored : Giancarlo Pavat reports on the restoration of this important Italian medieval fresco

The Babylonian Labyrinths : Richard Myers Shelton tracks down a number of little known labyrinthine clay tablets from the Near East

The Pont-Chevron Mosaic Labyrinth : Jill K H Geoffrion and Alain Pierre Louët go in search of a well-preserved Roman mosaic in France

Amazing Hamlet... by indirections find directions out : Sophie Chiari explores the theme of labyrinths and mazes in the work of Shakespeare and his contemporaries

The St. Euverte Labyrinth, Orléans : Alain Pierre Louët and Jill K H Geoffrion visit a little-known 19th century pavement labyrinth in France

The Tree of Life Labyrinth at the Ayrshire Hospice : Mazda Munn’s garden labyrinth, designed and built at a hospice in Ayr, Scotland

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Caerdroia 42 - the Journal of Mazes & Labyrinths

The 42nd edition of Caerdroia contains important news of the restoration of the Alatri labyrinth fresco, one of the most significant discoveries of recent years.

Jeff Saward, Editor

Caerdroia 42 - March 2014

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