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These pages provide a more detailed listing of books, papers and articles for researchers, students and those looking to delve deeper into the history and distribution of labyrinths and mazes. The majority of the items listed are in the Labyrinthos Library Collection if you are seeking specific references, etc.

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We are frequently asked for advice on which books and publications contain the best information about labyrinths and mazes. The answer often depends on what kind of information one is seeking and how far into the depths of the labyrinthine library you are prepared to search...

This bibliography section lists many of the items in the Labyrinthos Library Collection and will hopefully provide suggestions for both the general and specialised reader on a host of particular topics.

It is broken down into two sections - general reading and specialised sources - with the links below leading to further pages with details of specific fields and topics. Between them they will hopefully provide a selection to suit all tastes and levels of interest.

General Reading

These pages list widely available books, mostly still in print or available through libraries or second-hand booksellers, that provide recommended reading for their coverage of many aspects of mazes and labyrinths, particularly suitable for newcomers and general background reading.

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Spiritual & Practical

Philosophical & Literary Studies



Spiritual & Practical


Folklore & Mythology

Labyrinthine Literature

Mazes & Puzzles

Folklore & Mythology


Mazes & Puzzles

General Historical

Early Artefacts,
Petroglyphs & Graffiti

Roman Labyrinths
& Mosaics

Christian Church &
Cathedral Labyrinths

Historical Studies

Early Labyrinths

Roman Labyrinths

Church Labyrinths

Turf Labyrinths

Stone Labyrinths

Garden Labyrinths
& Hedge Mazes

Labyrinths in India, Asia
& Southern Africa

Turf Labyrinths

Stone Labyrinths

Garden Mazes

India, Asia & Africa

Labyrinths in North
& South America

N & S America

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