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Labyrinth & Maze Locations

If you are looking to discover the whereabouts of your local maze or labyrinth, or checking to see which to visit on your travels, here’s a link to a separate page of links to websites documenting maze & labyrinth locations.

Societies and Organisations, Events, etc.

The revival of interest in mazes and labyrinths in the last few decades has resulted in the founding of several organisations, and also a number of less formal, often community-based groups. All are dedicated to providing information, networking opportunities and organising events, etc. The following list of societies and organisations for maze and labyrinth enthusiasts is still a work in progress. If you know of, or maintain a website of potential interest, let us know and we will add you to the list…

Labyrinths in Britain - a website with information about British labyrinths and labyrinth related events in Britain.

The Labyrinth Society - based in the USA, but with international membership, TLS is dedicated to providing support for all those who create, maintain and use labyrinths. They also co-sponsor the Worldwide Labyrinth Locator website and hold annual conferences.

Veriditas - based in California, Veriditas provides labyrinth facilitator training, events and pilgrimages to Chartres Cathedral and co-sponsors the Worldwide Labyrinth Locator website.

LabyrintWerk - the network of labyrinth workers and enthusiasts in the Netherlands.

Labyrinth International - based in Switzerland, has a (German language) website with much information.

Labyrinth Network Northwest - connecting labyrinth enthusiasts in the Pacific Northwest USA.

Labyrinth and Maze Designers and Builders

If you are looking for information on labyrinth and maze design and installation, the links below will hopefully guide you in the right direction. Labyrinthos also provides a design consultancy service (especially in the UK where we work closely with The Labyrinth Builders of Canterbury), and we are always happy to provide recommendations for designers and installers elsewhere in the world. Let us know if you wish to be added to this list…

UK & Europe

The Labyrinth Builders - based in Canterbury, England, installers of the finest labyrinths in the UK.

Adrian Fisher Maze Design - designer of over 600 mazes worldwide, for over 35 years.

Jim Buchanan - labyrinth land artist extraordinary, based in Southwest Scotland.


Labyrinths in Stone - based in Illinois, installer of the finest brick paver and stone labyrinths in the USA.

Paths of Peace - based in Minnesota, labyrinth builder and supplier of custom design canvas labyrinths.

Santa Rosa Labyrinth Foundation - home of the Santa Rosa labyrinth design, consultancy and construction.

Discover Labyrinths - based in California, building labyrinths of many types across the USA.

The Labyrinth Company - outdoor labyrinth construction kits, garden templates and canvas labyrinths.

Fertile Ground - based in Oregon, garden labyrinth design and build.

The Laughing Flower Labyrinth Company - based in WA, design & installation for churches, gardens & retreat centres.

Dave Phillips Mazes - over 35 years experience creating mazes, puzzles and games for a wide variety of applications.

Paxworks - based in Indiana, labyrinth builder and supplier of custom design canvas labyrinths.

Other Recommended Websites

There are many other maze and labyrinth researchers, enthusiasts, practitioners and facilitators with websites containing information about their interests, work and services. Here’s a list of those we recommend you visit…

Jan Sellers - instrumental in creating the labyrinth at the University of Kent in Canterbury before she retired, Jan now offers workshops and retreats, and shares her knowledge of labyrinths in educational settings on her website.

Jill Geoffrion - labyrinth writer, photographer and fellow traveller.

Erwin Reissmann - based in Germany, Erwin’s website has much labyrinthine material to explore, in English and German.

Ilse Seifried - based in Austria, Ilse’s website has information on labyrinths in Austria and her work in educational fields.

Gernot Candolini - also based in Austria, Gernot has written extensively on labyrinths and leads pilgrimages.

Sig Lonegren - Jeff & Sig have worked together with labyrinths since the early 1980s!

Selma Sevenhuijsen - travelling between the Netherlands and Italy, Selma is always looking for labyrinths!