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Caerdroia - the Journal of Mazes & Labyrinths

Founded in 1980 by Jeff Saward, and published annually, the journal acts as a forum for historical and theoretical research, the publication of archive material and as a monitor of current developments with the field. Each edition contains illustrated papers, notes, news and views on the latest discoveries, theories and ideas from researchers and enthusiasts worldwide, exchanging information to help create a clearer picture of the origins and distribution of the enigmatic labyrinth symbol and its descendants, from the earliest rock carvings and artefacts through to modern puzzle mazes of ever increasing complexity and ingenuity.

Current subscribers to Caerdroia include maze and labyrinth enthusiasts and researchers, archaeologists and historians, artists and authors, designers and owners. The scope of the journal continues to expand and depends on reader contributions of papers, articles, photographs and press clippings - indeed anything of a labyrinthine nature. Caerdroia strives to keep its readers up to date on current developments in the field of mazes and labyrinths, both ancient and modern.

As a non-profit making journal dealing with a very specialised subject, Caerdroia relies on reader contributions and subscriptions for support. If you are interested in the history, development, diversity or potential of mazes and labyrinths in any of their forms, perhaps you would care to join us on the path…

Current Edition

Published October 2023, our latest edition Caerdroia 52 is now available - order here.

Next Edition

Publication due September 2024, Caerdroia 53 is available by subscription.


Forthcoming editions of Caerdroia are always available by subscription. The annual subscription fee provides the next edition of Caerdroia and helps support the process of producing the journal, maintaining our archives and the on-going maintenance of this website.

To purchase the Current Edition and/or subscribe to the Forthcoming Edition please go to our online ordering page.

Back Issues

We always have a selection of back issues available by mail order. Editions 48-51 are currently available and we have PDF’s of Caerdroia 33-47 available for free download on our digital download page.

Out of print editions

A number of frequently requested articles from out of print editions are now posted in the Caerdroia Archive section.

Research Requests

The Caerdroia Index, available on this website, contains a complete catalogue of nearly all items published in Caerdroia since 1981. If you are looking for a copy of a specific article published in an out of print edition, especially for research purposes, we may be able to create a simple PDF scan for you on request, but reserve the right to make a small charge to cover the time involved if necessary.

Digital Downloads

PDF’s of Caerdroia 33-47 available for free download on our digital download page.

We are also have downloadable high resolution PDF’s of complete editions of more recent editions of Caerdroia (with colour illustrations), and currently have Caerdroia 48 through to Caerdroia 52 available in this format. We can supply these on request - £4/€5/$6 per edition - if you are interested ask us for details.

Submissions to future editions

Contributions of papers, short articles and general notes, etc., are always very welcome for future editions of the journal, check our submissions page for guidelines.

Contact the Editor

Finally, if you still have questions, contact the editor of Caerdroia.

Established 1980 - published annually

Caerdroia is an independent journal for
the study of mazes and labyrinths

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