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Digital Downloads

Below are links to online digital editions of Caerdroia now out of print, as high resolution PDF’s. Caerdroia 33 through Caerdroia 42 are currently available in this format.

You are welcome to open and read these, and also to download them for personal use, but please do not circulate them to third parties. For permission to reproduce these journals, or any of the articles contained within them, in any form, please contact us for permissions and procedures.

Click the cover of each edition below to view the appropriate PDF in a new window

Caerdroia 33 - 2003

Caerdroia 34 - 2004

Caerdroia 35 - 2005

Caerdroia 36 - 2006

Caerdroia 37 - 2007

Caerdroia 33 HR.pdf

Caerdroia 34 HR.pdf

Caerdroia 35 HR.pdf

Caerdroia 36 HR.pdf

Caerdroia 37 HR.pdf

Caerdroia 38 - 2009

Caerdroia 39 - 2010

Caerdroia 40 - 2011

Caerdroia 41 - 2012

Caerdroia 42 - 2013

Caerdroia 38 HR.pdf

Caerdroia 39 HR.pdf

Caerdroia 40 HR.pdf

Caerdroia 41 HR.pdf

Caerdroia 42 HR.pdf

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Article updates

Please note, the article “The Origins of Mirror & Wooden Panel Mazes” by Jeff Saward, contained in Caerdroia 37 (2008), has been extensively updated and revised since original publication (most recently in 2020) and is available as a PDF on the Caerdroia Archive page. Other articles from these essentially out of print editions are also available on the same page, often with minor corrections and revisions.