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Editorial : Jeff Saward reviews this issue, 30 years since the founding of Caerdroia

The Petit Labyrinth Graffito of Chartres Cathedral : Jill Geoffrion & Alain Louët announce a newly-discovered labyrinth in Chartres Cathedral

The Alatri Labyrinth Fresco : Giancarlo Pavat describes another remarkable new discovery in Italy

The New Harmony Hedge Labyrinth : Robert Ferré reports on the restoration of the labyrinth at new Harmony, Indiana, back to its original design

How important is Context? : Penny Granger debates the value of location

Greys Court: an invitation to symmetry : Richard Myers Shelton explores the symmetry inherent in certain labyrinths

The Wongkot Labyrinth : Serena Montironi & Reinoud Eleveld describe an unusual labyrinth encountered during their travels in Thailand

Considering the Duality of Labyrinths : Andreas Frei examines a hidden property of labyrinth designs

Notes & Queries : the Cliveden hedge maze restored; a new discovery at Lyveden New Bield; a swastika-pelta wall painting near Chaldon; the world’s largest hedge maze?; Keeley’s Garden Labyrinth, Los Angeles; the Heysham labyrinth petroglyph; The Labyrinth Society

Labyrinth Reviews : the latest maze and labyrinth books and publications reviewed

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Caerdroia 40 - the Journal of Mazes & Labyrinths

The 40th edition of Caerdroia marked the 30th anniversary of the founding of Caerdroia, way back in 1980. Its 56 pages contain the usual eclectic mix of new discoveries (including two previously unrecorded medieval labyrinths in France and Italy), studies of specific labyrinths, thoughts on matters labyrinthine, from our contributors worldwide and our regular Notes & Queries section.

Jeff Saward, Editor

Caerdroia 40 - April 2011

 - Contents -

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