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Labyrinthos Tour Services

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Led by Jeff and Kimberly Saward since 2000, our tours focus on more remote locations and generally avoid sightseeing in large cities to which you can easily return on your own. Much of our travel is off the beaten path and, whenever possible, our accommodation is in comfortable B & B’s, inns and small family hotels close to our destinations. We will plan the routes and book accommodation, transportation, etc., and take you to little known places where the crowds don’t go. We like to think that travelling with us is a unique adventure - no two tours are ever exactly the same.

Each of our tours includes a visit to at least a few labyrinths, often many more; indeed, the labyrinthine course of the journey is at the heart of our travel ethos. Our guided tours are small and personal; most are limited to six people because we believe these sites are best visited in small groups. This allows us to travel in one vehicle so we can talk about what we're seeing and our experience of the journey. We hope you'll consider these tours pilgrimages. Traditionally, pilgrims prepare well, pack light, and travel together as a community, learning from each other along the way. For our part, we plan our journeys carefully, but remain flexible to take advantage of the synchronicity and opportunity that occurs as we travel.

Our signature English Labyrinths and Western & Northern Scotland tours run on request most years, and we also offer occasional tours to several other labyrinthine locations.

We are also available as guides for personalized tours that highlight your special interests, or for those who want to travel to other places, at other times. This is suitable for small groups of 3-5 people. Contact us about scheduling private tours. We are also available for short one or two day private tours of the historic labyrinths in Southern England - ideal if you are in London and want a see a few labyrinths during your time in England.

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Whether you are planning a personal pilgrimage or a grand tour of labyrinths and other sacred sites, we offer services to help you make the most of your journey...

Pricing for these guided tours is dependant on group size and accommodation options. Contact us for further details, pricing guides and suggestions for travel connections, etc. Starting and finishing points can often be tailored to fit your existing plans and schedules. We can also assist you with your independent travel arrangements, providing our consultancy services to help you with information and itinerary planning, based on our many years of experience of travelling to these locations.

Stone labyrinth, Iona, Scotland

Photos: Jeff Saward

Iona Abbey, Scotland

Wing Turf Maze, England