Terracotta Angel, c.1896
Watts Chapel, England

 Photo : Jeff Saward/Labyrinthos

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This website is somewhat labyrinthine, or rather, more like a maze, but with well over 100 pages of information to potentially explore before you find your goal!

To make the process of finding what you are looking for easier, we have gathered together links to the various pages within this website and sorted them into a number of categories - take a look at the list below and click any of the titles to go to those specific pages.

Merlin’s Magic Maze,
Newquay, England

Photo : Jeff Saward/Labyrinthos



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The Magic Labyrinth

The Labyrinth as a Printers Device

Labyrinths in Pagan Sweden

Three Cowley Troytowns

W H Matthews

Mizmaze at Leigh

Labyrinths in Estonia

Nordic Church Labyrinths

The Babylonian Labyrinth

A Nepalese Labyrinth

Ondavalli Labyrinth

Lichenometric Dating

Stone Labyrinths in Arctic Norway

Rocky Valley Labyrinths

Harmonist Labyrinths

Petra Labyrinth Inscriptions

Knidos Labyrinth Inscription

Tomba del Labirinto

Jorgen Thordrup

Origins of Mirror and Panel Mazes

Renaissance of Mirror Mazes

1591 Labyrinth Jeton


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