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From time to time we lead tours to other labyrinths - here are are a couple of our favourite destinations:

Trojaborgs in Southern Sweden

The labyrinth adventure of a lifetime. Visit the ancient Trojaborg labyrinths and associated gravefields and runestones in southern Sweden, and/or the magical island of Gotland, which has stone labyrinths galore, labyrinth frescos and graffiti in medieval churches, the walled city of Visby, windmills and wildlife - all set in the middle of the Baltic Sea.

On Gotland we base ourselves in Visby, a UNESCO World Heritage site. With its island culture, medieval walls, and beautiful historic Trojaborg labyrinth, Visby delights with its architecture, cuisine, and breathtaking sunsets – as it has done for centuries! We take excursions to explore, walk, and study the stunning variety of labyrinths dotted around the island, returning to Visby in the evenings to enjoy leisurely dinners in the walled city and spend time on the historic stone labyrinth that is just outside the city walls.

Come with us to see ancient Viking graves and runestones, medieval churches and frescoes, as well as picturesque windmills, fishing villages and local museums. Midsummer days in the Baltic are long, the weather mild, and this journey never fails to excite and inspire. Our tour groups are limited in size in order to deepen our experience as we travel the back roads to see little-known sites and experience the labyrinths with a group of like-minded companions.

We have a PDF guide, to read online or download, of the labyrinths of Gotland, just to whet your appetite. This tour is available on request, and is ideal if you have a small group of family or friends, contact us for details, options and ideas.

Stone Labyrinths of the Scillies

This enchanting archipelago of islands, 30 miles SW of Cornwall, off the tip of Land’s End, has numerous stone labyrinths, standing stones, prehistoric burial chambers, cairns and castles. The handful of inhabited (and numerous smaller) islands are connected by inter-island ferry boats, and nowhere is far from the sea. Essentially vehicle-free, each has its own personality and landscape, with rocky coastlines, sandy coves, stone-walled fields and a remarkable maritime heritage. Our visit to the Scillies will focus on visiting as many of the major islands as possible, to locate and record the ever changing collection of stone labyrinths scattered around the islands. The oldest, on St. Agnes, dates back to the early 1700s, but others are rather more recent, and undoubtedly we will build one to add to the collection while we are there!

The Scillies are also a haven for unusual wildlife, including a species of shrew found nowhere else in the word. Visiting in the spring we may also be lucky enough to see some of the unusual species of migrant birds that stop off on the islands at this time of year. There are also puffins on some of the more remote islands and dolphins are frequently seen from the ferry linking Penzance to the archipelago. The unusual climate of the islands allows palm trees and other sub-tropical plants to grow in sheltered spots, and we will certainly visit the celebrated Tresco Abbey Gardens at some point during our stay.   

Our special tour will start and end in the Cornish fishing town of Penzance, reached by railway from Paddington station in London (and various other options). We will be based on the island of St. Mary’s, to maximise our opportunity to visit the islands, find the labyrinths and take best advantage of the weather. This will be a labyrinthine walking holiday with a difference, so plan to pack light and prepare for adventure! Ideal as a three or four day extension to our turf labyrinths tour, this can also be arranged as a five to seven day visit with more time to explore.

This tour is available on request, and is ideal if you have a small group of family or friends, contact us for details, options and ideas.

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Nyhamn, Gotland

Fröjel, Gotland

St. Agnes, Scilly Islands

Photos: Jeff Saward

St. Martins, Scilly Islands