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Maßmann’s Labyrinth Catalogue : Richard Myers Shelton investigates a series of labyrinth designs published in Germany in 1844

The Quest for a Circular St. Omer Labyrinth : Thorn Steafel circles the square

The First Multi-Connected Maze : Ettore Selli looks at the design of a lost hedge maze in Padua, Italy and reaches a surprising conclusion

Rating the Complexity of Mazes : Ettore Selli, Tommaso Polonelli and Enrica Santolini propose a system for defining the complexity of mazes

Stockholm’s Mazes and Labyrinths : Rolf Johansson surveys the labyrinths and mazes still surviving in the Swedish capital

The Labyrinth Figures of Zurla : Hans-Georg Gusek studies a pair of simple labyrinthine petroglyphs in Italy

University and College Labyrinths: a New International Index : Jan Sellers introduces her online catalogue of labyrinths installed in higher education settings

Obituary : the passing of labyrinth builder extraordinaire Alex Champion

Notes & Queries : a Swedish pine chest decorated with a labyrinth, a labyrinth graffito in Portugal, the centenary of W.H. Matthews’ Mazes and Labyrinths, another labyrinth on an 18th century English sampler and the Labyrinth Society & Labyrinth Locator

Labyrinth Reviews : a review of Trojas murar by John Kraft


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Caerdroia 51 - the Journal of Mazes & Labyrinths

The 51st edition is now available and contains a study of a series of labyrinths illustrated in an obscure German treatise from 1844; the discovery that the first complex, multi-connected maze may well have been in Italy; a new method for determining the complexity of hedge mazes; a survey of the labyrinths and mazes in Stockholm; thoughts on the origins of petroglyph labyrinths in Val Camonica, Italy; how to render the square design of the St. Omer labyrinth in circular form; an online catalogue of labyrinths installed in higher education settings and notes on a recently discovered labyrinth graffito in Portugal, a Swedish wooden chest decorated with a painted labyrinth and another on a stitched sampler from England – as always, a packed and diverse edition. We also bring sad news of the death of Alex Champion, one of the pioneers of the modern labyrinth movement in the USA.

Jeff Saward, Editor

Caerdroia 51 - October 2022

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