Terracotta Angel, c.1896
Watts Chapel, England

 Photo : Jeff Saward/Labyrinthos

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From time to time we lead tours to some of the more unusual labyrinth locations - here are are a selection of our labyrinthine destination options:

Stone Labyrinths in Southern Sweden

The labyrinth adventure of a lifetime. Visit the ancient stone labyrinths and associated gravefields and runestones in southern Sweden, and then on to the magical island of Gotland, which has stone labyrinths galore, labyrinth frescos in medieval churches, the walled city of Visby, windmills and wildlife - all set in the middle of the Baltic Sea.

Stone Labyrinths of the Scillies

This enchanting archipelago of islands, 30 miles SW of Cornwall, has numerous stone labyrinths, standing stones, cairns and castles. Vehicle free and connected by inter-island ferries, with rocky coastlines, sandy coves and sub-tropical gardens, this is a labyrinthine walking holiday with a difference. Ideal as a three or four day extension to our annual turf labyrinths tour, this can also be arranged as a seven day visit with more time to explore.

This tour can be arranged to order - more details


Dirt road driving to the edge of the arctic to visit a stone labyrinth on the flanks of a dormant volcano in Northwest Iceland. Return via Geysir and the volcanic landscapes of this remote outpost of European labyrinths, plus optional whale watching.

Native Labyrinths in Southern Arizona

A journey through southern Arizona in search of labyrinths, a visit to Casa Grande, site of the famous labyrinth petroglyph, and the reservations and trading posts at the centre of the native American labyrinth tradition. An ideal chance to find a "Man in the Maze" basket for your collection.

These tours can be arranged to order for small groups of 3-6 people. Contact us about scheduling private tours to highlight particular interests or fit specific schedules.

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