Terracotta Angel, c.1896
Watts Chapel, England

 Photo ©: Jeff Saward/Labyrinthos

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Our 34th edition is packed with the latest research and discoveries: the restoration of the Wunderkreis turf labyrinth in Kaufbeuren, Germany; the mysterious restored Roman brick labyrinth on the Palatine in Italy, articles on new & innovative labyrinths and mazes worldwide, the mathematical notation of medieval labyrinth designs, the first church labyrinth in America and much more besides.

Jeff Saward, Editor

Caerdroia 34

September 2004

- Contents -

The Kaufbeuren Wunderkreis Restored : Erwin Reißmann reports from Germany

The Palatine Labyrinth : Staffan Lundén explores the origin of this curious Roman brick labyrinth - is it what is seems?

Into the Country : the latest news from Adrian Fisher, maze builder extraordinary

The Calgary Labyrinth : Mazda Munn builds a new labyrinth on the island of Mull

Three Interesting Labyrinth Locations in the Netherlands : Fons Schaefers reports

The Snoopy Labyrinth : Lea Goode-Harris turns Snoopy into a labyrinth - good grief!

Labyrinth Garden Wins Gold : Andrew Wiggins builds a prize winner

Budapest's Underground Labyrinth : Jeffrey Wexler goes exploring

Two Labyrinths in South Africa : Fons Schaefers takes a detour or two while on holiday

A Mathematical Notation for Medieval Labyrinths : Jacques Hébert explains

The Labyrinth of the City : Henning Eichberg examines the contradictions

Notes and Queries : the first church labyrinth in America; new labyrinths at Lough Derg, Ireland and Norwich Cathedral, England; Ely Cathedral labyrinth misinformation; a maze under threat in Rome, Italy and the work of Waltraud Hunke, 1915-2004

Labyrinth Reviews : the latest maze and labyrinth publications and CD's reviewed

The Labyrinth Society : Kimberly Lowelle Saward, TLS President, updates the news

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