Terracotta Angel, c.1896
Watts Chapel, England

 Photo ©: Jeff Saward/Labyrinthos

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72 pages containing important articles on labyrinths in Iceland, labyrinthine cave paintings in Sicily, water mazes and a catalogue of mazes and labyrinths in Australia and New Zealand.

The original edition has now sold out, but a reprint edition is still available.

Jeff Saward, Editor

Caerdroia 29

May 1998

- Contents -

Two of the Finest Medieval labyrinths : photos by Jeff Saward of the Julians Bower at Alkborough and the Chartres Cathedral labyrinth

Translating Kern's "Labyrinthe" : an appeal for funds to translate and publish Kern's monumental work in English

Maze Metamorphosis : news of Adrian Fisher's latest maze projects.

Religious Symbolism in Mazes : Penny Granger compares and contrasts three modern examples

The Oldest Labyrinth in the World? The Polyphemus Cave Paintings : Marguerite Rigoglioso reports on a recently discovered Neolithic cave painting in Sicily

Mazes in Australia and New Zealand : Jeff Saward catalogues the many examples down under

The Ceavccageadgi Fish Oil Stone : Sig Lonegren visits sacred sites on the Arctic Circle in Norway

A 17th Century Water Maze at Greenwich : Ann Robey finds documentary proof of an important early example of the form

A Note on Water Mazes : Jeff Saward reviews the recent examples of this variety

The Labyrinth of Padua : Robert Milazzi documents a lost hedge maze

The Labyrinth in the Mediterranean - pt. III : The 3rd & final part of Staffan Lundén's study looks at the use of the earliest labyrinths as protective symbols

Developing the Labyrinth : Alex Champion re-drawing the classical labyrinth to produce new variants

SuperMazes! : Robert Abbott discusses mazes and the rules for solving them

Notes & Queries : the usual round up of stray pathways within the labyrinth:- Labyrinths in Iceland, 16th century pavement labyrinth discovered in Rome, Walttraud Hunkes' 1940 labyrinth dissertation, the latest crop of maize mazes, labyrinth books and reviews, a new labyrinth at New Harmony, Tapton park and Cajalco labyrinths, etc.

Two Large Labyrinths : aerial photos of the Earth & Wildflower Labyrinth, England by Jim Buchanan and Noah's Ark Maize Maze, Pennsylvania by Adrian Fisher

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